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Mayama (Marjut Vahtola)Mayama (Marjut Vahtola) owns and operates the studio.

Mayama has been teaching yoga for 20 years. She offers yoga classes and also private appointments in all aspects of yoga including relaxation, postures, breathing, and inward journeying. The question for her has always been "what's really going on here?". That question has taken her to study energy healing such as reiki and therapeutic touch, and to studies in tai chi and chi kung, and to explore closer to home, to an inward search for peace and absolute truth.

Mayama is currently a student of Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya and is a teacher of the Ishayas' Ascension. It is a series of simple, profoundly effective meditation techniques that allow one to rise beyond stress and self-defeating beliefs.

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Lynn KalliesLynn Kallies

Lynn has been exploring yoga for over 20 years. She is drawn to the restorative nature of yoga and the mindfulness of the practice. Lynn completed her hatha yoga teacher training in 2002 and has further training in Yin and Restorative yoga.

Victoria ChattenVictoria Chatten

Victoria is excited to share her teachings from Costa Rica. Through the practice of breath, movement, and an inward focus to our individual unique bodies, her goal is to help bring clarity through the practice of yoga and to support you in your yoga journey.

dane latimerDane Latimer

Dane began learning yoga here in Thunder Bay at Resting Frog Yoga. Since that initial, formative beginning he has traveled extensively in the pursuit of knowledge and experience. Dane has completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga training in Rishikesh, India, and a 100 hour Vinyasa Yoga training in Vancouver. More recently, Dane has been focused on learning and practicing Iyengar Yoga and has over 200 hours of formal instruction with Yog Ganga Centre for Yoga studies in Rajpur, India. Dane continues to explore and expand his practice and is excited to share what he has learned!