4A S. Court St. (Ruttan Block)
2nd Floor, Suite 18
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2W4

Winter Schedule 2015:

Please register early: Mayama at 346-7662
or restingfrog@gmail.com

Monday (no class
Family Day
Feb 16)
10:00-11:30am Jan 12-Mar 30 $132-11wks Living Yoga
5:00-6:15pm Jan 12-Mar 30 $121-11wks Living Yoga
7:30-9:00pm Jan 12-Mar30 $132-11wks Living Yoga
6:00-7:15pm Jan 13-Mar 31 $132-12wks Living Yoga
10:00-11:30am Jan 14-Apr 01 $144-12wks Living Yoga
5:00-6:15pm Jan 14-Apr 01 $132-12wks Living Yoga
6:30-8:00pm Jan 14-Apr 01 $144-12wks Living Yoga
10:00-11:30am Jan 15-Apr 02 $144-12wks Living Yoga
6:00-7:15pm Jan 15-Feb 12 $60-5wks Introduction
to Yoga
6:00-7:15pm Feb 26-Mar 26 $60-5wks Introduction
to Yoga
7:30-9:00pm Jan 15-Apr 02 $144-12wks Living Yoga

Kaija Makinen Spring Schedule 2015:

Register with Kaija Makinen, phone: 345-8612 (leave message), email: kaijam@tbaytel.net
Cheques payable to Kaija Makinen

Monday (no classes
May 18th)
10:00-11:30am Apr 13-Jun 08 $96-8wks Living Yoga
10:00-11:30am Apr 16-Jun 11 $108-9wks Living Yoga

Lynn Kallies Spring Schedule 2015:

Register with Lynn Kallies, phone: 983-2331 (leave message), email: roblynn@tbaytel.net
Cheques payable to Lynn Kallies

Monday (no classes
May 18th)
5:30-6:45pm Apr 20-Jun 15 $88-8wks Living Yoga

Joan Huggins Spring Schedule 2015:

Register with Joan Huggins, phone: 344-5156 (leave message), email: jstrickert@tbaytel.net
Cheques payable to Joan Huggins

5:45-7:15pm Apr 14-Jun 16 $120-10wks Living Yoga

Introduction to Yoga:

You don't need flexibility or strength to study yoga, just a readiness to gain a peaceful mind, relieve stress, and to become well and healthy.
Please phone or email Mayama for free orientation to yoga.

Living Yoga:
Our living yoga classes are not only about enhancing physical fitness but seek to unify and bring to wholeness all the aspects of ourselves; body, breath, mind, and soul. Classes include hatha yoga postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) , meditation (dhyana), and relaxation (savasana).

Relaxation Class:

This class is dedicated to leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Some gentle movement, breathing, and Yoga Nidra. TOP




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